Our Services

We offer four Photo Booth Servicers

Call us, we're more than happy to explain our photo booth benefits. The services are based on what package you choose, set up includes print-on-location, touch screen monitors, large 55" display are available.

mpoc2 Photo Booth Studio 

The Enclosed Photo Booth 

Open Photo Booth

Our Professional Studio 

This is a look of the studio, this setting can be completely changed around daily. Our studio is spaces  with adequate light to accommodate your needs. An assortment of backdrops with umbrella or soft box.

Enclosed Photo Booth

Our enclosed booth offers privacy, your guests are able to close the curtain and act silly with anyone seeing them. It's the best seller due to the privacy, comes with professional lighting, a professional Canon camera, touch screen monitor. You are able to send your printed photos to the social media of your choice. If you're looking for a booth where you can play dress-up, have private photos taken, or do whatever it is that you do when nobody is looking, enclosed is the way to go.

Digital Photographer

Digital photographers use digital cameras to take pictures and then edit those images on a computer. Images can be cropped, colored, reshaped or enhanced before being stored on a hard drive, compact disc, memory card or flash drive

LD Package 

We offer a large screen LCD monitor with different technologies used in LCD panels for potential customer who desire to have that 55 inch experience. This LCD offer at least four different types of LCD technologies that differ substantially in the way they reproduce colors and tones. Accurate color reproduction is extremely important for our photographer while showing photos and we have it available for you.